Antistatic Plastic Pallets

Swift offering a specialized application plastic pallets for oil, chemical and electronic Industries we also offering plastic pallets with inbuilt property of antistatic and fire ret ardency, which allow customer to maintain high level safety norms on shop floor while handling of material.

An antistatic plastic pallet is reducing static electricity charges on a person’s body or equipment, either to prevent fires and explosions when working with flammable liquids and gases, or to prevent damage to static-sensitive objects such as electronic components or devices. Types of antistatic devices include:

  • Antistatic bag, used to contain devices, such as graphics cards or hard disk drives, typically during shipping.
  • Antistatic garments, used in many industries such as electronics, communications, telecommunications and defense applications.
  • Antistatic agent, compound used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity
  • Antistatic mat, ranging from small mats for keyboards and mice and larger for people to stand on.
  • Antistatic strap, consisting of a metal component which presses against the skin when worn on the wrist or heel, in turn relayed to an electrical ground.

Fire Retardant Pallets

At One Way Solutions, we recognize the fire hazard that wooden pallets bring to you and your business. That’s why we carry fire retardant plastic pallets that offer a safer solution without sacrificing quality and durability.

We offer fire retardant pallets in both rackable and stackable models. For our customers storing food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, we also offer FDA / GMP/ ISO compiled plastic pallets models.

Having trouble finding what you need? Not to worry. Swift offer a wide variety of custom and specialty pallets to fit the needs of most, if not all, industries. Still can’t find the perfect pallet? Contact us and we’ll see if we can make a custom mold to fit your needs