Plastic Pallets Characteristics – Over 10 years of plastic pallets expertise, Swift has become an internationally recognized manufacturing force. At Swift Technoplast we provide quality plastic pallets that exceed our customers’ expectations, safety and reliability at a competitive price.

In this article, I am going to share with you some plastic pallet advantages that can help you save cost in the next supply chain. For sharing awareness, and I want to spread knowledge about the characteristics of Plastic Pallets.

Characteristics Of Plastic Pallets:

The chief features of Swift plastic pallets are exclusive and distinct:-

– The plastic pallet is manufactured from UV stabilized HDPE
– Injection-molded single piece design without any welds or joints
– Four-way entry for easy forklift operation
– Economical, recyclable as well as environment friendly
– No, nails or splinters and does not require any maintenance
– Tough and durable structure
– Long life and weather-resistant and excellent chemical resistance
– Pallets can be cleared with water or steam for hygienic applications
– Pallets can be used indoors as well as outdoors

In a closed-loop system, heavy-duty pallet racks make a tremendous number of trips before being recycled. On a cost-per-trip basis, heavy-duty pallet racks represent great savings over wood pallets. Heavy-duty pallet racks rapidly realize their initial investment and continue to perform during the course of their service life.

Industrial plastic pallets provide a safe and comfortable handling solution, which improves workplace safety. They are dimensionally stable, consistent in weight, and non-porous. In some cases, they are lighter than wood and their smooth and contoured construction is free of nails, splinters, and rust.

Using plastic preserves natural resources while reducing waste. Wood pallets consume precious natural resources, up to million trees are cut each year to produce wood pallets. When retired from service, wood pallets are sent to landfills. Industrial plastic pallets offer much longer life and can be recycled into other useful products at the end of their service life.


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