Chemical Tanks & Container

Swift offers a Heavy Duty Industrial range of chemical storage tank in different capacity, range of products for vertical chemical storage tanks are being specially manufactured for heavy duty industrial storage and processing purpose, these chemical storage tanks are manufactured by high quality virgin material polyethylene UV stabilized material with Zero tolerance at quality checks hence your storage will safe in the swift tank. These products can be used in various industries for different application.

Sr. No Product Code Capacity (Ltr) Size (cm)
1 SIC-CS-2000 2000 Ltr Dia 145x Height 136
2 SIC-CS-3000 3000 Ltr Dia 164 x Height 166
3 SIC-CS-4000 5000 Ltr Dia 185 x Height 178
4 SIC-CS-5000 5000 Ltr Dia 190 x Height 205
5 SIC-CS-7500 75000 Ltr Dia 199 x Height 260
6 SIC-CS-10000 10000 Ltr Dia 252 x Height 224
7 SIC-CS-15000 15000 Ltr Dia 252 x Height 321
8 SIC-CS-20000 20000 Ltr Dia 252 x Height 424

Swift offering Premium quality Open top Industrial processing Containers for various industries textile spinning, furnishing, twisting & washing departments & various other industries.. These tanks are made up from high quality Virgin Food Grade polyethylene. Industrial containers are available in different shapes and sizes as per the specifications of clients with competitive price. Tanks can be manufactured in different color as per customer choice subject to minimum order quantity.


  • Molded from high quality virgin polymers.
  • Food grade polymers, Safe for use in food industries.
  • Durable, strong ribbed design.
  • Resistant to most chemicals.
  • One piece molded seamless construction.
  • Processing container can be mounted on the fabricated structure/ trolley.

Sr. No Product Code Capacity (Ltr) Size (cm)
1 SEP-400-433126 400 L43 x W31 x H26
2 SEP-450-343029 450 L34 x W30 x H29
3 SEP-640-433130 640 L43 x W31 x H30
4 SSP-700-563530 700 L56 x W35 x H30
5 SEP-750-363636 750 L36 x W36 x H36
6 SSP-1200-664828 1200 L66 x W48 x H30
7 SEP-1400-593149 1400 L59 x W31 x H49

We are offering Heavy Duty One Piece Molded doff basket which are an idea solution to save costly floor area in any industry. These stackable baskets are widely used in textile spinning, furnishing, twisting & washing departments & various other industries.

  • Strong Durable Construction for rough Industrial Use.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Available in different colors.
  • One Piece seamless Molding.
  • Made up from Virgin Food grade polyethylene material.
  • Can be customized as per customer requirement subject to quantity.