Gone are the days when the manufacturers used to manufacture wooden pallets for shifting purposes. Manufacturers have come up with plastic pallets because these are far better in terms of longevity, durability, and costs. Plastic pallets are important because it helps in minimizing the risk of damaging the product while transferring it from one place to another. It is because you will only touch the pallet and not the actual product. No matter what the product is, you can easily shift it to the place it should be placed.

Finding the injection molded pallets manufacturer can be very easy but make sure to find the one who provides you with quality products. The main reason for jumping to the plastic pallet is that it does not retain moisture like wooden pallets. Also, the plastic pallet is less heavy and cost-effective. Another reason is that these plastic pallets can be recycled when broken, whereas the wooden pallets cannot be recycled or joined together. Now the main question arises, how the plastic pallet is made. The plastic pallet is not only about looks but also about its strength, durability, and resistance. Unlike the wooden pallet, these are easy to design and shape as per the requirement.

These are made from different plastic, and they have different properties. To know about them in detail, follow the following points to know some of the common processes of manufacturing plastic pallets:

  • Thermo Forming – In this process, the thermoplastic sheet is heated till its softening point. The sheet is stretched and then manipulated as per the requirement. It is cooled as per the desired stage. The best part of thermoforming is that it has many applications and can be used in different industries. Know that it can have both simple and complex designs. The pallet can also be designed as per the specifications using automated rollers and CNC routers. This design is hollow inside, which makes it light and cheaper than the other options. Also, it is advised not to use them in an open environment.
  • High Pressure Injection Molding – In this process, the plastic resin is fed into a hot barrel, mixed, and injected into a tool, where it easily cooldowns and hardens as per the mold. In this process, high injection pressure is applied to fill the mold. In short high clamping pressures must be used so that the injection molding machines can easily generate forces. One of disadvantages of this process is that it is not cost-effective because of the high energy use. You will easily find injection molded pallets manufacturers in India; just make sure to choose the right one.
  • Structural Foam Molding – It is just like HDPE injection-molded plastic pallet process that is done with a foaming agent mixed with the resin before injecting into the mold. This is a lighter version as this reduces the plastic density. This type is surrounded by rigid material and is lighter than the solid plastic pallet.
  • Compression Molding – It is an effective option in comparison to injection molding. Also, it has less waste material in comparison to others, making it an ideal choice. It requires fewer tools and further incurs fewer labor costs. The plastic is placed in the mold, and pressure is applied so as to settle down into the shape desired. You can use recycled materials like plastics, rubber, resins, etc. in this process.
  • Rotational Molding – In this process, the powder or granular plastic is transferred into the mold. The mold is sealed and heated for the plastic is melt and take its position as per the mold. The tool is rotated on two axes perpendicular to each other. The plastic will melt down and will come into the desired position. Once the material gets cool, it is taken out as a plastic pallet. Low-density polypropylene is used in this process because of its durability and tensile strength.
  • Profile Extrusion – This process quite resembles the wooden pallet. The plastic is melted in the tool and then is forced through an extruder. Once it is done, the plastic is taken out, cut into plank shape, and then joined together with heat, welds, and nails. The main purpose of going for this process is that the plastic can be easily recycled, which cuts down the costs. For more stiffness, some wooden fibre can be added as well.

So. above are some processes of plastic pallets. Before choosing any, it is important to know how you will use it. It is important for you to know how much weight you will put on it. Knowing the weight capacity will solve half of your problem while deciding. To know more, refer to the following points:

  • Type Of Plastic Used – Depending upon your usability, decide which type of plastic will suit your needs. If your business is into carrying liquid drums, it is always recommended to go for those who have a high weight-bearing capacity. You can compare the plastic on the basis of recycled vs virgin plastic, type of plastic pallet material, and much more.
  • Working Environment – Depending upon your type of business and working conditions, you will decide on the plastic pallet. Like both pp and HDPE injection molded plastic pallet is suitable for both organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • Applications Of Plastic Pallets – Before choosing anything make sure to know about the nature of the application and plastic pallet capabilities, which will guarantee safety standards.

So, above are some points to be considered which will help in choosing. If you are looking for one, you can contact ‘Swift India’ as we are well known for their quality products. We do match with the international standards and have a good and loyal customer base. We have good years of expertise in plastic pallets for all industrial segments. Our main aim is to provide quality with an efficient design making everything stylish yet convenient. So, explore the website, contact and ask for a quote. 


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