Corrugated Pallets

We are offering superior quality swift UNIPAL Corrugated Pallets, which are widely used for multiple usage various industries. The high-grade raw material is used to manufacture these pallets, which makes the product more strong and durable enough to be stored. On the basis of the type of the load being dispatched, these corrugated pallets have two main components such as runners and deck sheets in varied designs.

UNIPAL pallets out perform all other corrugated pallets on the market today. UNIPAL’s unique design and flexible construction enables a large variety of sizes for both 2- or 4-way entry solutions.


  • No Heat-treatment or Fumigation required.
  • Disposable is very easy and fetching money which saves money for abroad clients.
  • Consistent construction and dimensional accuracy.
  • Free from product damage risks.
  • Customized design suitable for every use.
  • Multi-piece construction done on fully automated machine provide to choose pallet design of every use.
  • Water resistant, do not gain moisture from atmosphere and can be easily used in rainy season.
  • Compliant with all material handling equipment’s worldwide.
  • Compliant with ISPM 15.

We can Design pallets as per customers, specification.Lets start Innovation in your Existing packaging

Manufacturing of the stringer consists of folding and gluing every opposing surface to become one single piece of corrugated lumber.

Corrugated pallet can be manufactured according to customer’s requirements in almost any size from 600mm x 500mm (24 x 20 inches) up to 1900mm x 1530 mm (75 x 60 inches). In addition, the our pallet is capable of transporting loads in excess of 1 ton (2,200 pounds) and warehouse stack loads up to 4 tons (8,000 pounds).
These pallet is typically constructed with 8 pallet members and a top sheet, which provides both fork and pallet jack entry and exit. This pallet is truly a “pallet and skid” as it does not have bottom deck boards.

Because of its member strength, pallets can be racked (three rails or solid deck racks) and transported over most conveyer systems in all four directions.

Its construction makes the top sheet optional where the load is contained in one or few containers or a bulk bag