HDPE Pallets

These pallets are made up from high quality HDPE/PP/PE material by injection molding process, these pallets is having good strength, can be used for Heavy Racking as well as for light weight cargo packaging application. These pallets are available in different category according to design and structure.

  • Injection molded single piece design without any welds or joints
  • These pallets are manufactured by Injection Molding Process.
  • The plastic pallets is manufactured from UV / Non UV stabilized HDPE (UV)
  • Four way entry for easy forklift operation
  • Economical, recyclable as well as environment friendly
  • No nails or splinters and does not require any maintenance.
  • With stands temperature range -40 to 65°c
  • Tough and durable structure
  • Long life, excellent weather and chemical resistance
  • Can be cleaned with water or steam for hygienic applications.

Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable Pallets

Steel Reinforced Pallets

Steel Reinforced Pallets

Reversible Plastic Pallets

Reversible Pallets

Double Deck Plastic Pallets

Double Deck Pallets

Medium Duty Pallets

Medium Duty Pallets

Storage Plastic Pallets

Storage Pallets