High Lift Pallet Truck
High Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Truck

Swift Hand Pallet Trucks are manufactured with precision engineering by using high-grade raw materials. Hand Pallet trucks are available in Different load bearing capacity and also in various fork Length.

Key Features

  • Lift                             : 14mm per stroke
  • Weight                       : 160 to 170 Kg
  • Steering Wheels       : DIA 200 x 50 mm – 2 Nos.
  • Rear Rollers               : DIA 82 x 90 mm – 2 Nos.
  • Swivel Castors          : DIA 100 x 50 mm – 2 Nos.

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  • With the Help of High Lift Pallet Truck avoids operator’s fatigue, back injuries, chances of accidents and increases productivity by allowing the operator to position the pallet at any desired working heights
  • High Lift Pallet Truck has single stage cylinder which gives uniform lifting capacity &avoids risk of dangerous dropping of 2nd stage cylinder
  • High Lift Pallet Truck has rear rollers with diameter 82 x 90 mm long instead of traditional 70 mm length. This increased roller length increases ground contact about 30% and increases stability
  • High Lift Pallet Truck is fitted with hard polymer wheels with sealed ball bearings
  • High Lift Pallet Truck has Improved Safety – Automatic activation of self adjusting side stabilizers when forks are lifted above 360 mm to ensure maximum stability when being used as work table. Additional two side swivel castors are fitted for better safety during short turning radius under load


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