When it comes to running a factory, the management needs to pay attention to the safety and security of their working staff. Also, if the business is involved in transporting liquids from one place to another, it is important to use some tools and equipment which turn out to be helpful. When it comes to transporting liquids, there are slight chances of the spill, which can be seen as a threat. Spills can be devastating in terms of costs and environmental impact, so here it becomes important to take some possible measures to avoid and control them.

So the only option here is to go for a spill containment pallet as this is one of the cost-effective and easy-to-use measures that can counteract the risk of a spill. The containment pallet is made up of plastic which is efficient enough to contain leaks, drips, spills, and ruptures from storage drums. This typical design includes a tray on which the drum is placed with a sump below the grate. The liquid will fall into the tray while the drum is being moved from one place to another. After the drum reaches its position, the spill is drained and brought into use. The process is very simple yet turns out to be very effective.

Following are some of the points highlighting the benefits of spill containment pallet:

  • Easy Clean Up – While transferring the drums, there are many chances of a spill. With the help of a spill containment grate, the spills can be easily stored and then later can be easily transferred. This makes the whole process very easy and mess-free. After transferring, the spill containment platform can be easily cleaned and washed regularly to eliminate airborne dust. Also, know that these are resistant to water, moisture, mild acids etc.
  • Cost Effective Solution – If we talk about the cost, the spill containment pallet is very easy to pocket and does not require much maintenance. It is made up of hard plastic, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Also, the spill containment pallet can store even a single drop of the liquid.
  • Improve Worker Safety – Some liquids can be hazardous to the worker, and their spill can be a serious threat to health and safety. Also, cleaning the liquids can take many hours for the worker, which will unnecessarily increase the costs. So here, the spill containment pallet will help improve worker safety and save them from hazardous situations. In short, it will save time, money, and the efforts of the working staff while reducing risk. In short, a spill containment pallet is the best go-to solution.
  • Long Term Investment – Know that the spill pallet is made from durable materials which will work for many years. The pallet is tough and has a rugged construction which makes it a great investment in safety and financial security point of view.
  • In All Shapes And Sizes – As per the size of the drum and as per your convenience to carry it, the spill containment pallet is available in different shapes and sizes. Depending upon the size of the drum and on the number of drums one can carry at a time, you can get the pallets accordingly.
  • Easy Manual Handling – Know that with the help of a containment pallet, you can easily shift the drums from one place to another without any obstacle. This leads to easy manual handling freeing the staff from lifting the heavy liquid drums. 
  • Reduced Harm To The Product – The plastic pallet minimizes the product damage as the wooden pallets may cause some damage to a variety of goods during transportation. A loose nail may destroy the whole packaging when the pallet is moved. In a plastic pallet, the drum stays in an intact position, so one does not need to worry. 
  • Less Cost On Shipping – As the plastic spill containment platform is not heavy; it eases down the process of loading and unloading pallets into trucks. It makes the supply chain very easy plus also saves time. So, with each load, some cost is saved, making everything cost-effective. 

So, above are some of the points highlighting the benefits of spill containment pallets. Undoubtedly, this has made the process much simpler, more effective, and harmless for the workers. The liquid shipment will now not be a problem even if the liquid inside the drums are some chemicals. These spill containment platforms are especially useful for the industries like oil shipments, hazardous chemicals, flammable materials, pharmaceutical liquids, food, and beverage shipments etc. 

While looking for one, make sure to consider the following points:

  • The Number Of Drums You Need To Contain Fluids – It is important to first know about the number of drums you will require, and then you have to decide how many pallets you will require. Once you are done with your requirement, you can order the spill containment pallet accordingly.
  • Sort Of Fluid – Choose the one depending upon the kind of fluids you are working with. Know that it is important for the pallets to be made of high-density polyethylene construction materials because of their high durability.
  • Space – Know how much space you have to store drums. Accordingly, you will be able to know about the space it will take, and accordingly, you can choose the containment platform.

So, above are some of the points one must consider while looking for a spill containment pallet. If you are looking for one, you can contact ‘Swift India’. We are one of the best plastic pallets manufacturers and suppliers in India. Also, we have good expertise in plastic pallets for all industrial segments. If you are looking for a trusted brand with good product quality, innovation, a wide range of products, and a customer-oriented approach, this is the right option for you. Our quality complies with the international standards serving as per the customer’s expectations. For more details, you can contact us and ask for a quote as well. 


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