Insulated Ice Box 25 Ltr
Insulated Ice Box 25 Ltr
Insulated Ice Box 25 Ltr Insulated Ice Box 25 Ltr

Insulated Ice Box 25 Ltr

Product Code: SIP-RIC-25LTR

Swift’s Ice Box are insulated containers are lined with coolant packs, keep cold items and diluents cold in storage or during transportation.

Key Features

  • Make Type              : Injection Moulded
  • Overall Length       : 390 mm
  • Overall Width         : 320 mm
  • Overall Height        : 330 mm
  • Available Colors     : Red, Green, White, Blue, Black & Orange

Swift Promise

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  • Insulated Ice Box is manufactured from high quality UV food grade polyethylene material.
  • Clean & sanitary, fungus, termite & weather proof.
  • Resistant to chemical.
  • Zero maintenance cost during whole life of product.
  • Comply with GMP / HACCP / FDA/ ISPM 15 Norms.
  • Compatible with all standard handling equipment’s.
  • Tested & ensured quality standard.
  • Environmental friendly, recyclable.
  • Strong, sturdy & one-piece moulded structure increase the durability.
  • Easy to wash-down and clean.
  • Temperature tolerances range from -30°C to +60°C.
  • Safe and stable stacking of up to 6 tubs.
  • Robust and long lasting.
  • Optimum hygiene, preserves freshness, easy handling and stacking, fit for food.


Insulated Ice Box 70 Ltr

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