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Material Bin

Product Code: MHB-951051

Road Safety Products are specifically designed to be provided on roads and highways to fulfill a variety of tasks safety point of view.

Key Features

  • Make Type              : Injection Moulded
  • Outside Length     : 95 mm
  • Outside Width       : 102 mm
  • Outside Height      : 51 mm
  • Available Colors     : Red

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  • Used for handling row material and storage of the finished components.
  • Very Long Life.
  • Quick and easy positioning of the crates.
  • High Impact Resistant, Non-Fading, UV stabilized crates.
  • Its lightweight allows two workers to quickly build a wall in no time.
  • Company Logo, Advertisements, Cautionary signs, direction arrows can be pasted on the crates.
  • Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable.
  • Use of water inside these road and highway barriers reduces loss of life & damage to vehicles.
  • No sharp edges or corners, smooth exterior finish deters graffiti.


Material Bin

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