Swift Technoplast provides the best solutions and the best range of plastic pallets in the market. With climate change and environmental issues dominating headlines, many businesses are looking for ways to make themselves more sustainable. For businesses that rely on shipping, this can seem daunting. However, there are still ways to do this without sacrificing efficiency or budget. For starters, using plastic pallets over wooden ones is a huge step in the right direction. While this may seem backward—isn’t plastic the main target of environmental movements? —it makes a lot of sense.

Here we’ve listed five ways that using plastic pallets can help the environment.


Wood pallets are made of—as the name implies—wood. Unfortunately, wood is a limited resource. Wood pallets require cutting down trees, which contributes to the global deforestation problem. Because plastic is man-made, it requires almost nothing in terms of natural resources.


Creating plastic pallets is also far more sustainable than creating wood pallets. Also, wood is not a naturally hypoallergenic or even sanitary product and in a wooden pallet. Plastic pallets also leave an environmental impact during production, but it doesn’t have to be as high as wooden pallets. The biggest cost in plastic pallet production is energy use. However, energy can come from sustainable sources, like solar or wind, which leaves a much smaller environmental impact during creation.


Wood pallets are cheaper upfront than plastic options. Wooden pallets are not so durable as wooden pallets last, on average, six trips. Conversely, plastic pallets are far more durable. They last as many as 250 trips before being dangerous or otherwise unusable.


Another way plastic pallets are the more environmentally friendly option is in shipping. Our company is able to make the best use of each shipment because the pallet weight doesn’t affect the overall total very much. So, we’re able to cut down on shipments and then on CO2 emissions.


While wood pallets are biodegradable, the rate at which a company goes through them makes the benefits seem less impressive as they vary by location, temperature, and immediate environment. Plastic pallets are a more sustainable shipping option than others. As shipping continues to be a dominating force in both local and international markets, looking for ways to help the earth while making a profit is important.

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