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Swift’s One Way Cargo Export Pallets provides a safe and comfortable handling solution during export shipping. Export Shipping Pallets are designed economically for export packaging application. We are offering these Export Shipping HDPE Plastic Pallets in various sizes and models according to load bearing capacity and nature of packaging.


HDPE Pallets








Export One Way Cargo Double Deck

Export One Way Cargo Non Reversible Euro

Export One Way Cargo Non Reversible

Looking for the Best Export Shipping Pallets Manufacturers in India? Swift Technoplast is here at your service

Have you ever imagined how heavy and bulky products are being placed in the ships for their transit? The answer to this question is that there is the use of cargo pallets that are specifically designed in such a way that it makes the movement of the products quite easier. This is a great way to transport the products from one place to another safely.

If you are looking for the best quality cargo pallets, you can easily contact Swift Technoplast for the best products and services. Because of the latest technique and innovation in the products, we have become the best export shipping pallets manufacturers in India. All the pallets are designed in such a way that the package in the transit is highly secured, and also, these pallets are available in different sizes and capacities of load.

Introduction to the concept of palletization

Palletization means the process of placing the goods and material in an organized way so that they take up less space. This is the reason these pallets are commonly used in ships for transporting different products from one place to another. The use of the different export shipping pallets has made it very simple for people into the export business to get the safe delivery of their products.

The use of this technology greatly impacts the cost of transportation, and Swift Technoplast has come up with different innovative designs which makes it an even more useful concept. This concept came into being for a very long time which has drastically changed the material handling techniques of many of the businesses.

Benefits of using shipping pallets

  • Easy to fix: The best cargo pallet providers in India are availing the cargo pallets, which can be easily fixed at any point according to the requirement. This is one of the best features of the cargo pallets as it makes it very easy for a business to handle different products.
  • Inexpensive: Earlier, transporting the material through ship would cost a lot of money as the material exported at a time was not handled properly. But with the latest designs of Swift Technoplast, a leading export shipping pallets company, the material handling process has become quite simple. This has given a huge impact on the cost of transportation. It will act as a one-time investment that will last you for a long time.
  • Durability: It is one of the major advantages that convince many people to invest in cargo pallets. Even these pallets become a great option for transporting heavy products in the long journey. The cargo pallets will make sure that everything is delivered safely.
  • Reused and recycled: Swift Technoplast, one of the best export shipping pallets manufacturers in India, has come up with cargo pallets that can be easily reused again and again. Even the material used for the manufacturing of the pallets can be easily recycled. This is the great advantage of getting these cargo pallets.

Swift Technoplast is always at your service

With time, Swift Technoplast has upgraded itself with the latest technology that adds more value to the overall working at the unit. The best part about the company is that we avail the facility of customization. This is a feature that is great for different types of businesses. Not every business requires huge export shipping export pallets packing; some might require small ones. So, the company avails the option of customization of pallets which is quite great. 

Swift Technoplast is one of the best shipping pallet providers in India that avails a great stock of pallets that can handle a variety of products. The quality and the services make Swift Technoplast the best shipping pallets company.