Spill Containment Products

Utilizing MAXX Spill Control’s wide range of Oil & fuel spill kits, chemical spill kits, maintenance spill kits, oil and fuel absorbents, chemical absorbents, maintenance absorbents, containment barriers, drain covers, storm water protection equipment and drum seals, it is possible to both prevent and clean-up any spills you may have.

Spill Kits are available in different absorption capacity from 6 gallon to 94 gallons. We also customize spill kit as per customers need and requirement

Max Series Pads

Booms / Bilge Booms

Spill Sorb Pads

Sorbant Socks

Sonic Bonded Pads

Spill Absorbents Rugs

Available in Rolls & Pads

Sprocket Bond Abosobant Pads

Available in Roll & Box Pack in different Sizes for Chemical, Oil & Universal use spill Absorbant

Absorbant Pillow

Available White/ Grey/ Yellow in Size 8″ x 18″/ 10″ x 10″/ 18″ x 18″