Road Traffic Cones fit clearly within our goal to provide solutions to safety and crowd control challenges. To keep this in mind Swift Technoplast offers Road Safety Product which includes Traffic Cones and Traffic Barriers.

Road Safety Products are specifically designed to provide safety on roads and highways. The products are manufactured from high durability polyethylene material. The virgin raw material is compounded to impart strength, stiffness. UV stability gives additional life to road safety products. Swift is well in a position to design and manufacture specially customized road safety products.

We are offering traffic cones in different sizes and colors. We thought people might wonder where and when to use each color traffic cone. Some of the safety colors are specifically designated to be used in certain situations. The colors are aligned with the level of danger.

Basic details about Road Traffic Cone Colors –

Red Traffic Cones- Danger. The color red means danger with the chance of serious injury or death.

Traffic Orange Traffic Cones-  Warning. The color Orange means there is a potential danger of serious injury or death.

Yellow Traffic Cones- Caution. Yellow also portends potential danger, the risk is lessened to general injury. Our Products are made out of high quality premium grade UV Stabilized Virgin Polyethylene material.

Swift’s unique design and well-engineered road safety Products facilitate easy handling and are very easy to install/fit. The barriers have been designed to withstand the high wind pressure generated by fast-moving vehicles. Strips of retro-reflective sheets can also be pasted on the barrier to help enhance night vision. The high-quality barriers don’t rust, chip, or peel making it completely maintenance-free.

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