If your company transports dangerous substances like oils, fuels, and chemicals, you know the harm a leak may provide and how vital spill management and containment are. In reality, early in December 2020, 9News reported an accident involving a truck in Sydney’s south that caused up to 500L of petrol and oil flow. The incident brought down a neighboring power pole, and a minor fire was started nearby. This illustration shows how risky it is to work around toxic liquids and how crucial it is to transport hazardous liquids throughout the nation using spill-proof pallets.

Let’s examine the intricacies of spill containment pallets and the advantages they provide in more detail. Understanding these items’ characteristics can help you know how valuable they are to your business.

Types of Pallets

Roto-molded pallets: Rotational molding is used to create roto-molded pallets. They come in conventional sizes, are affordable, and may be strengthened with steel frames to boost their load-bearing capability. Roto-molded pallets are utilized in sectors of the economy where cleanliness is essential.

Injection-molded pallets: Flat pallets in conventional sizes and colors are available as injection-molded pallets. They can be moved easily using forklifts, loaders, or jacks and are used to raise things during transit. HDPE injection-molded pallets are corrosion-free, recyclable, and long-lasting.

Block pallets: Pallets made of blocks may be raised in all four directions. Twelve columns support the top deck, and a lower tier may or may not exist. Block pallets of wood, plastic, or metal offer exceptional handling efficiency.

Stringer pallets: Over block pallets, stringer pallets provide more stability. Additional support is provided by two boards that run on opposite ends of the pallet between the top and bottom decks. However, this limits the number of open sides from which stringer pallets may be raised to two. There are also four-way stringer pallets that can be picked up by forklifts thanks to a notch cut in the stringer.

Double-face pallet: Typically, pallets only have a top deck. Both sides of a double-face pallet, which has a top and bottom deck, can be used. They are robust and suitable for use in demanding jobs.

Bunded Pallets Benefit Your Business and the Environment

Utilizing our bunded spill pallets is advantageous for your company, as we’ve already established, and it reduces costs and better safeguards your personnel and goods. Bunded pallets are drum spill containment devices intended to capture any drips or leaks from goods kept on top of them. However, the additional protection that these goods provide for the environment is yet another advantage.

In the first place, when a poisonous or hazardous liquid leak or spills onto the ground while being carried, the surrounding ecosystem may suffer significant harm. If these pollutants get up in locations like water reservoirs, the surrounding plant life, wildlife, and even human populations might all suffer. On the other hand, our bunded spill pallets safeguard the environment and the people who live nearby since they are made expressly to capture harmful pollutants before they reach the ecosystem.

The fact that pallets are constructed of plastic rather than wood positively affects the environment. The former may appear more environmentally friendly, but this is no longer the case. Forests suffer a great deal as a result of the production of wooden pallets. According to Range International, the production of wooden pallets uses over 40% of the world’s total timber supply. It implies that wooden pallets are disproportionately impacting the world’s continuous deforestation, which we might prevent if more businesses switched to plastic pallets.

Wood is far more difficult to recycle than plastic, which is another advantage plastic has over wood in terms of the environment. Wooden pallets are more likely to become contaminated by the contents they transport because of their porous nature. Additionally, they frequently mix with other materials like nails, making recycling more challenging.

Our pallets are widely sought after by both pallet manufacturers and recyclers because of their strength, resilience, and resistance to moisture. There is such high demand for the material that many businesses are ready to pay for old pallets. This indicates that it is theoretically possible to earn money while recycling your old pallets. Some companies provide free pallet pickup and reimbursement for recycled pallets as an extra service to their clients.

Lastly, plastic pallets may be made from recycled and reused materials, reducing the amount of garbage that enters the globe. They are also substantially sturdy and long-lasting. Because of their durability, they don’t undergo the same high rate of production, acquisition, and trash that wooden pallets do.

The only logical conclusion is to use plastic pallets for your shipping needs when all of the factors above are taken into account and your company’s environmental policy.

What Sectors Ought to Use Bunded Spill Pallets?

A bunded pallet is advantageous for any liquid transport. Even when the compounds included are not hazardous in and of themselves, spills and leaks can pose a safety issue. Bunded pallets are particularly beneficial for 

  • Oil shipments
  • hazardous substances
  • flammable substances
  • prescription liquids
  • food and drink deliveries

What Effect Can Spill Pallets Have In This Case?

Look no further than the selection from the leading manufacturer of pallets if you’re searching for a trustworthy transport solution with a good spill control reputation. The pallet must provide a reliable solution for your hazardous liquid transportation and comply with all international spill control laws.

The drum spill containment pallets stand out from the competitors due to their distinctive chemical makeup. The pallets, made of high-density polyethylene and chemically resistant to numerous substances, provide you peace of mind during an accident while driving. Bunded pallets that can store up to four drums or containers should be available from the firm. This specific item has good chemical resistance against acids and alkalis and is simple to clean and sterilize. 


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